06 April 2011

New Born

Sadness. It consumes all. It engulfs us all like a black and dark blanket that captures and traps us all in a never-ending web of pure void. There was once happiness in the world but it exists as light. Sadly, it too was lost in the blackhole. Lost for years and years, the light could not escape. It fought and squirmed its way to freedom, it fought its way through darkness. Strong and brave as it was, it grew tired of the continuous wars and battles and let darkness consume it. Made to bow to the student the teacher was a captive with no chance of escape - a pure being flanked from all sides by impurities.

Dark. Black. Silence. Cold. Hard. Left. Right. Behind. Everywhere. Everytime. Every second.
Then out of pure luck, half a circle of glowing hand pulled it out. Free at last. Free at first.

To be continued-

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