09 February 2012

When Is Time?

Tired. It was as simple as that. That one thing that drained you of all your will to move, your motivation to work, your drive to do anything. I couldn't pay attention in classes, heck I couldn't even stay awake long enough to start paying attention. I'm not proud of it, you know. And the pills aren't helping.

Nevermind that though, I did not start this post to tell you of my problems. They're mine and mine alone, thank you :)

Moving on. Today, we had a celebration of sort. It was done quite late frankly for the real celebration had died out sometime last week (at least I think so). But, we did it anyways for two reasons. One being the lack of available dates on our academic calendar, second being there was no stop to celebrations in Malaysia. As long as there's time, there's a thing to celebrate.

The event was successful I think albeit some problems did rise in the course of the day. A good slap in the back is deserved by the ones responsible for bringing the day all the way till the end. They've earned it.

But after all is said and done, there always comes a time when the fanfare has to end and the dreaded workload comes crashing in. Just as it did. Just as it is. And with it comes the regret of playing too much to the point of overexertion. If only I hadn't used my arms too much two days ago.

What's a quarter to an hour's win to not being able to write that essay waiting to be finished? Two essays to be exact. What's four hours of fun-filled ball play to two days of fatigue and soreness?

For now, I have to stop. Two essays and three more questions are beckoning. I've procrastinated enough and on that note, I stop.

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  1. You're a great writer! Language is one thing, but the emotion... Not everyone can do such thing. :)