20 May 2012

Eyes Your Twist

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14 May 2012

Carved of Weed

When you write with thoughts, often times those written thoughts are poisoned by the logic, the reasoning that we hold. But when you write without a second's thought, guided by pure unconsciousness, your fingers deftly stroking the keyboards, your hands flying across the pages faster than your eyes can look and your brain can see, then you are truly writing...

All people are born with this talent, I believe. That is why, and this is a mere deduction of mine unsupported by any claims, everyone without the exception of anyone can and will burst out when they reach that point at which no amount of patience can hold, that which no power except the Heavens can withstand. The boiling point of the human heart.

In that moment, words flow out at remarkable speeds, pouring layers upon layers of nothingness on all around. In that moment, objects fly, tears cry, lips split, ears and eyes pry. In that moment all logic and thoughts are abandoned. In that moment, we are truly writing...

On paper, on screens, on parchment, on weeds. We are all artists of different trades and skills. And like all good artists, no one understands them, nor the nature of their work. With that note, it's no wonder that: one man can never understand another man.

11 May 2012

Inner Demons

They try to claw their way out. Forever scraping at the walls of your heart, threatening to burst at the seams. In their eyes, a sadistic look of insanity and longing - a longing to rein free, free of my weak control. The keys to this cage? In my sweaty palms. Separating them from freedom? An arms-length of wilted, scarred and charred limb. My limb!

Inner demons. In my wake they are nightmares. In my nightmares they wake.

Inner demons. In my life they are death. In my death they come alive.

Inner demons. In happiness they bring woe. In my sorrow, they are happy.

So how do I escape? I don't! Someone once told me to fight fire with fire. So, a demon too I will become. Let's see who's the worst of 'em all!

But no. I do not wish for this spark to turn into an inferno. Instead, I will cool it off with water. Water. The essence of life. The image of purity. The one thing that could fight off the heat. Do I drink it? I may as well. Do I drown myself in it? I could. Or do I throw it into the pits of hell where my inner demons reside? What use will it be to them...when the only demon I see is me. For keeping the evil locked up in the first place. For defiling this once sacred place with horrors best left unspoken. For turning away from myself, the real inner demon...

09 May 2012

A Brighter Future

Many of us are in that particular stage of life at which we look deeper into our minds, and often times think: where are we going?

Well, if you are in that stage, then good for you. If you're not, there can be three possibilities: you are too young (yet to have reach this stage), you are too old (the time has passed) or you just don't give a damn where you stand tomorrow. All three are quite bad. Seriously.

First thing to note: there is never a too early in life. You either make it or not. If you are young, then it is all the better for you to plan ahead because logically speaking, you have plenty to look forward to! Do not ever ever think that you are too young for anything! (Anything good and productive that is...)

If you are too old, then what's there to stop you from being a little bit more optimistic about squeezing that final strand of willpower you still have to do some good before you die? You never know the value of a deed until it has been done. Even then, some deeds' value are never known. Whatever the case, just do it! Our Lord judges us not on how much we did, but on how much of effort was put in to do it in the first place.

And, if you don't care, then luck be with you. There is nothing I can do for you. You are literally digging a grave of your own. Rest in peace..

I know that the prospect of planning for something so volatile, so uncertain is daunting in the least but hey, we are not God. In the end, His plan will prevail. Then why bother to plan you ask? Because if your plan is in line with what He planned, then you have reason to be happy. And if your plan does not coincide with His, you'll have reason to think, ponder, accept, learn. And eventually, be happy.

So start planning today! Start planning for a brighter future. And one last reminder: When you think tomorrow looks bleak, remember this: the earth is never bright on both sides.

Don't you think you're standing on the wrong side of the globe? Or maybe, just maybe, the light has not shone on your side. Yet :)

04 May 2012

Vacuum Vakum

Oh, no! Why the sudden change? And all at once too! I cannot stop it, I need not stop it.

They say the human heart is the most illusive organ in our body. I must agree. You cannot see it, but you can't stop looking for it. You don't smell it, but you can't stop following its scent. You cannot hear it, but you listen to it all the time. You cannot even touch it, but you find ways to hold on to it.

People in general have been trying to understand its inner workings and mechanism but I'd have to say none have but all doomed to fail albeit successfully.

Weird creatures we are indeed. Looking for that which cannot be seen, yet refusing to believe in Him who's Will can be seen all around. Arrogant fools we are too!

Yet, we puff our chest and hold our nose up high claiming lies after layer of lies: "I have discovered this and that thanks to my wonderful intelligence and amazing brilliance." I say this: "You have not discovered anything but nothing. You have merely found someone else's unfounded findings. And logically speaking, you did not find that big brain of yours nor the knowledge you so proudly claim to be yours. It was given to you."

So be humble instead. All knowledge came from Him, thus nor you nor me nor anyone has the right to claim rights over knowledge that was not yours nor mine nor anyone's in the first place. So suck it up!

What was easily given to you can be taken, ripped from you just as easily. Maybe easier. You know what they say, "To destroy is easier than to build" So remember. The feelings in your heart are also given as a gift for you. So treasure it well. It may not be there the next time you look.

But so long as it is there, keep a gentle reminder to not abuse and misuse it. The vacuum has been here for some time. Let us fill it with things pure and good, not the other way around. Lest you prefer to be sucked into the void..