02 June 2016

We are as I am

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We are bound. To the earth. To our ways of thinking.
We are bound to our faults and our weaknesses.
To fall. To hurt and be hurt.
To bleed and burn.

We are bound. To be lost.
And experience loss.
To not be fine.
To break as we walk this crooked line.

We are bounded by obligations.
By needs and wants.
By expectations, unmet.
By visions unreal, grand.

We are bound. To anger and hate.
Some call it human.
To others: that is fate.

We are bound.
We are.
We are.
I am.

Not as people see.
Not as people know and think.
More of a wreck. The first to be there.
When deceiving, the last to blink.

The foremost in cutting ties. 
Ever so eager to say goodbye.
The one bound to his way of thinking.
Never open to suggestions. Always reckless.

I am. The one bound.
The one who knows. But refuses to acknowledge.
The one who'll break. As he walks this crooked line.
The one who bleeds and burns.
The one who is bound to his faults and his weaknesses.
I am bound. To this earth. To my ways of thinking.

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