09 April 2011

Free As Birds, Sharp As Eagles

Sunlight. It's morning. Looks like I've overslept. Again...The world was a blur of colours and images that make no sense. I reach for my glasses. Putting it on, only then the world came into focus. Ten to ten. Still early but quite late. Lifting my giant of a body up from bed, a sharp pain cut across my back just above my left kidney. The searing pain pushed me back. After minutes of wincing, I finally got over the pain.

It's still quiet. A little bit too quiet for me. Turning on my music, the voice of the Goo Goo Dolls hit me. Iris. One of my favourite songs ever. Immediately my lips formed the words of the song, and singing together with John, I became truly awaken.

Hmmm...the lyrics made me remember last night and the events that came with it. I opened a new window to someone special. That made me happy and excited beyond imagination but the final moments were tarnished with a minor setback that could snowball into something huge. I do not want the friendship to end. Least of all because of me...

It made me play Iris once more. This time turning to the lyrics for answers instead of joy. And lucky me, I found it. More than that, it opened my eyes. Listen to it and you'll know what I mean.

Please realize that you're not being caged in. You are free to do as you please. But look at freedom like that possessed by birds. The flying creatures are free to roam anywhere their hearts desire. They have the means to do it - their wings. However, the dare not fly too high for fear of falling. The higher you are, the harder you'll fall is what they say.

Look at it this way. Before this, you and I, we were birds in a cage. Right now the cage is opened and it is up to us to decide whether or not to fly out or stay in. If you've chosen to free yourself then you may. Fly, fly and fly you will but no matter how hard you try, there's a border - an imaginary one - that you'll not pass. The sky. You can take to the sky, but trust me you can't ever take the sky.

So please people, choose your steeds carefully. Whatever bird you choose to be, you're still a little bit too human to fly. But you can adept yourselves to the birds of your choice.

For me, I've chosen the eagle. The eagle is as free as can be. It is beautiful, powerful. Most importantly, no matter how high this bird of prey flies, it's eyesight remain sharp as ever on the ground from where it came from and to where it will one day fall and rot.

Fly. But fly sharp!

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