16 September 2012

Lights Come Alive

اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

The downpour was heavy yesterday. Well, it was good then I had a roof over my head. Nothing beats a good old car on rainy days. And the rain brought with it a certain coolness that was just perfect after a hot, sweaty afternoon. Alhamdulillah.

Two turns ahead, I arrived. But it was much too early for anyone to be there. Plus, it is the weekends. A long one too. Which is exactly why we can sacrifice one day of it for a side trip down south. A last outing before semester starts you can call it.

"Oh well. It's better that I'm alone. Less prying eyes."

So I got on with washing myself and must I tell you again how sweet the sensation of finally washing all the dried-up sweat. How the temperature helped set the mood. And it helped that no one was around. I must have taken a long time, but by the time I was done - and all my stuff re-packed and safely in the trunk - I still had tons of time on my watch if I had my watch.

Wandered I did satisfying the curiosity and boredom in me. Mostly boredom really. The sky was clearing by this time only letting fall the smallest of raindrops as if its belly is being discharged of the last of its contents to deep satisfaction. I didn't notice when it stopped for good though because there was nothing much to see in the first place and less than five minutes later I was in the mosque.

Had this trip been with the old me, I would've taken retreat at the back and immediately slept. Don't get me wrong, I was running on spare battery but the new me won't take sleep as number one on my priority list. Instead, I did some reading. I don't quite get the words but this is one book you can relate to without understanding the words. Of course, value is added with comprehension.

And yet, even after a few pages it was just too early. But I was not alone anymore. Two more souls were there spaced apart from one another maybe three, I didn't get a good look. The drugs of drowsiness was too strong but I tried to fight it. In my trance of being semi-awake, I saw people coming in small groups. I heard voices but words were inaudible. I thought I must have looked funny - a boy in blue sitting at the second row nodding at invisible walls.

Five minutes before time. I passed out.

Deep sleep took over. Total and complete blankness. It was great!

After what seemed like hours, the sound of a voice woke me up. I was in a busy mall I thought. There were people everywhere. Multicoloured lights blinked on either side of the two-story walls. And the smell. Oh what amazingly wonderful scents hit my receptors! I was under the impression that in my slumber, I have been whisked away elsewhere. Fear not, I was still in the same place, on the same day too - just minutes actually in difference.

In that short space of time, I have learnt to appreciate certain things. A quality sleep. The rain. My car. People. Time itself. And the five senses that made all these pleasant experiences possible. Most importantly, I've been taught to value the company of people.

Notice how boring and bland your life would be without other people. Your life is a plain canvas. You can paint it anyway you like, yes. The problem is you are one person with one mix of personalities and traits that make you you. Meaning you are one colour on the palatte. So no matter how masterfully and skillfully you paint, one colour won't make much of an impreesion.

Your families and friends make up the rest of the spectrum. And with them and their help, you can paint a life so vivid and beautiful, the occasional splotches and defects too will seem like an intended stroke from a master painter's hand.

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