29 September 2011

Straight Sets

Watch out for a straight one next week! I'll try my best :)

05 September 2011


Hullo! It's been a long time since I last blogged! I was just too caught up in the moment with Taylor's, Ramadhan, the on-going (boring) Raya celebrations, and the loss of multiple friends, families and the likes plus the vacuum of ideas I still have in my noggin.

So, here's a recap of my life in the past month or so. (Not that any of you care about it, I just write it down for future references cause my holding memory ain't that big)

Ramadhan this year was not as satisfactory as previous years. First up, I didn't khatam!! What the **** man!!? -__- Then, there's the lack of hmmm... how to say it? ..feel of Ramadhan? Yeah! That's it! It was just like all other months except with the hunger and thirst. I really regret not preparing for the fasting month's arrival this year.. :(
On the plus side though, I woke up for sahur like 80% of the month. But after recalculating, all I came up with was a net negative figure. InsyaAllah, I'll do better next year, if I get a chance to see you Ramadhan.

Fast forward to just before Raya holidays! Well, here we were looking happy and feeling bloated up for the upcoming 2 weeks (YEAH!!! 2 WEEKS!!!! >.<) holiday. Then, came the H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K. and the smiles turned upside down :) ---> :/ ---> :(

Next came the Raya. We took pictures on that morning after prayers but without dad, it just wasn't the same,  so the mood changed from festive to boring in a snap. We ended up staying in our rooms the whole day. Later that evening we went to the airport where we had to wait for ages. Then.. then... I forgot :(

I think we stayed home, yeah, something like that. Oh, we packed our bags cause at first the plan was to drive up north that very evening but seeing as to how most of us was drained of energy, we didn't budge an inch. Lazy bums! The next day, we're off to kampung!

Kampung. The place with the best food, best people around and best time! Here, we had fun with ma lil' cuzs, meeting up with relatives, chatting, eating, joking, and eating some more. Sadly, it lasted for a meager day.

Then, it was back to Kajang. Back to boredom. Only thing was, there was something biting the back of my head. Yes, the dreaded homework. It was then that I decided (actually it was my sister's idea) to follow my dad to his office. Seeing as how the week was already boring me to death, I might as well die some more while doing my work.

Turns out, it was awesome that day! I didn't fast because I was still in munching mood, so I did my accounting work while chowing down a box of Dunkin' Donuts and two cans of Coke and Pepsi. The best thing was: I nearly finished the whole tutorial. Nearly. =.="

Being over-joyous for nearly completing my work, the whole weekend passed by without another look at my still-humongous pile of Maths, Socio, Maths, Econs work. Way to go, Afiz.. Way to go...

And then yesterday came with tidings of my good friend's departure. I can't help but think of the times we had together at school. I just wish I had another minute with him to say goodbye. What's worst was I haven't spoken to him in a while which reminded me not to take anything for granted because, time and again, it's proven that you can lose sight of something even if it's within your line of sight, even if it's within your grasp. And, we never learn, do we? You won't realize something precious until it's gone. And, I swear, this guy's a gem! I'll miss you and may God bless you and your brothers~

To reminisce, or to live in the present, or to plan for the future. I can't decide. So, I'll do it altogether. Thank you Lord, for reminding me to hold on to the memories, for telling me to accomplish things now, for making me appreciate what I have today, and for making me realize tomorrow's not set in stone.

I pray this lesson be bored into my being, that I never forget it ever again.

I pray for my grandparents, my great-grandfather, my two good friends, my friends' parents, my relatives that never made it into this world and all those who has gone before us.

I pray for the ones they left behind. May we be strong.

I pray for the chance to repent, to make myself better, and for another Ramadhan. A better Ramadhan. For me. For my family. And for all...