22 April 2011

delete. not

I'm sure most of you guys have gone through this scenario at least once in your life:

You opened the page to your email/facebook/skype/whatever. You typed your username or email address. You started typing in your password. Halfway through it, you realized you may just have typed wrongly. You press backspace and delete the whole line. Then you typed in your password again. 

Hahahaha, this is just a random post I thought of when I retyped my facebook password just now. =)
It sort of made me wonder "If only you could do the same with life"

It would make everything so much more simpler. Ooops!! I did a mistake, let's delete that and go back a few steps. Then I'll do it again and yes! I got through!! Man, that would've made life a whole lot easier..

Mistake. Delete! Wrong turn. Go back! Oooops, sorry. Retrace my steps! I forgot. No problem!

I wish.... 

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