08 April 2011

A little bit more than Half My Heart


I love the way you start things. A simple yet meaningful letter.

Now, I'm all alone in my sanctum, the waves of music passing over and above me. For the first time in my young life, the waves sped past me and left me hanging. I was a literal stone with the weight of a mountain - no song able to lift me, grab me and save me like all those other times.

The TV watches me, the laptop types me. I'm numb, struck and stuck somewhere between grief and longing, sorrow and happiness. Unable to move, my hands fly across the keyboard - it being the only part left of me that is fortunate enough to not be affected by the silence of loneliness. And in this wee hours of freedom I have left, I pour unto these virtual pages a little bit more than the Half of My Heart that You opened.

The story begins and ends here. A single point in time and space where two souls met. One of apparent happiness, the other an image of a loner. Different as they may sound, look at them with your eyes, you'll see they are indeed different - of height, of complexion, of everything but look at them with your inner eye and a mirror of two images you shall feast on.

Quiet though the two were, fate spoke for them and intertwined their lives like a pair of pendulums swinging in the same direction at different levels, the strings twisted and turned, twisting and turning ever faster till impossibly the were the closest souls in the shortest period of time.

Then time slowed. The walls from both grew fainter, the shields came down and the two were inseparable friends. Only space divided them.

Even then, nothing seemed to be able to hold back the two. For all the distances between them, it did nothing to stop the one from seeing the other for the second time. However to them, it was almost as if they have known each other for life, even lives - old acquaintances who simply forgot minor details regarding the other, who have finally met after years of separation.

But that day, fate was being a naughty player, giving chances and taking chances. The day - though both considered the best in years - focused in & out like static on TV. Like static on radio. Like static, it shocked the one & most probably the other into sparking a new feeling.

Due to many little details, both kept quiet till one night that brought one to shivers that lasted through to daybreak while the other torn between a heavy option of two choices. After more time has passed, the truth is finally poking into the story, a truth played as a puppet by the puppetmaster. But whatever, I'll do this once more. Not anymore.

So listen to me, and listen to me good. 
For I think You should, for it is food.
Provisions I've given, provisions You've taken.
Use it sparingly, but don't be greedy.
Keys too I've given, what's left for You is to find.
Find that shining light, with your own might.
Might that You've taken for granted, that which You thought is not wanted.
Listen and do please listen.
Sing to me You will, sing to me You won't
You think I'm not the one, You think I'll find someone.
I fear it is not so, I think You're not that low.
But do, oh do know, that if You must go
I won't leave You, I'm only hiding a mo' or two
But fear not my mate, for You know where to meet.
If time cuts me by, then all I'll say is bye
Unlock the truth, unlock my booth,
Then You'll know what's been coming from between my tooth~

Fear not will you, because I'll hold onto my words, I'll never leave You. I'll hold onto Your hands if I can but You know what I'll want. Thank You for the friendship, thanks my Soulmate. If I ever come past by Your mind, regard me as nothing but the winds, quietly passing you by. Afterall, I am still a child =)

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