01 April 2011

The Deed Makes the Man (or Woman)

Assalamualaikum to all. I would like y'all to know that this post is a special entry for all the souls that are lost.

Well, so what's the poster have to do with lost souls? To tell you the truth, this movie has a lot to do with lost souls. I watched this movie hmmmm....I forgot when. But what I wouldn't forget is the underlying lesson Johnny Depp taught me (yes, he was the voice of Rango).

The plot if this movie was quite simple. There was Rango, a lizard/chameleon/lizard that has lived all his life in a fish tank (whatever you call it, I call it F-I-S-H-T-A-N-K) as a pet suddenly being thrown into life at a desert, the Mojave if I'm not mistaken. He later meets an armadillo that was hit by a car, lost half his body but still lived, which is weird... -___- Well, weird facts aside, the armadillo was in search of the great Spirit of the West (which is still weird..)

As you may or may have not noticed : I am not the best of storytellers so I'll leave the story at that. Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah...lesson learned. The armadillo said something like "making it to the other side of the road" - which he was doing when he was crushed under a car. Lived. Walked away. Weird. = ='

Anyhow, this is exactly what most of us are facing. We wake up each day only to find more obstacles in life and just like the armadillo, we would be hit by a car before we even get to the other side but just like the armadillo, we need to get up and get moving (even if half our body is gone) because according to the Spirit of the West "no man can walk out of his own story".

Which is true. It's your life man, work it out. You have a problem? Well, I've got mine. You think your life is hard? Well, wait till you get Lady Gaga's life. She lives through hell. Point is, we've all got problems to face, hurdles to leap from, obstacles to overcome. And the Spirit is right, you can't walk away from your problems no matter how hard you try. Psstt...You can try hanging yourself. But I heard death was A LOT harder. I would know. I have died before. Twice.

In short, the movie reminded me what it means to not give up. Keep in mind that you always have someone to back you up. =D Trust in your heart, trust in your pals. "So you want something to believe in? [points at the Sheriff sign] Believe in that there sign. For as long as it hangs there we've got hope" Then the sign was shot and hung loosely on one chain but hey, it's still hanging right? xD

Rango: "We reptiles gotta stick together"
someone: "I'm amphibian"
Rango: "No shame in that"

And there really ain't no shame in sticking together even if we're from different background, skin tones or classification! We all need a shoulder to cry, sneeze, wipe our nose and bleed on. I know life is hard. "Is this Heaven?" "If it were, wouldn't we be eating strawberry Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak?"

Hey, life is no crunchy creamy candy cookie cupcake, right? But it's all in your mind. "We can control it! Like a monkey's bladder!"

Just don't give up, okay? Or "I'm going to slice your face off and use it to wipe my unmentionables" 
You keep going, and I tip my hat to you....one legend to the other. 

"Doesn't matter what they call you...It's the deeds that make the man." 

For now... "We ride!!"

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