22 April 2011

Iron (III) oxide my brain

Man, another long week. I'm tired and squeezed shitless. Never mind, point is who the heaven cares if I'm all pooped out, right? Because right now, I'm at yet another point in time when you have to make a choice. I hate it.

God-willing I'll make the correct turn and I won't regret the choice I will make. =)

Moving on to more pressing matters (as if making the choice this big isn't pressing enough..), my brain has obviously gone bad. Dude, I knew i shouldn't have left my books God-knows-where and wasted my time doing God-knows-what. Trouble is, it took me this looong to realize.

Well, I'm sure most of you don't have a clue to what I'm saying. To make it simple, I had an interview the other day and I quickly realized 2 things.

1. I was having difficulty speaking with people of all ages.
2. My brain is in lockdown-mode

Well, what do you expect Afiz? You have been stuck in a hole for 5 months -___-

Most that know me personally would think I'm down in the dumps this very moment. If you thought so, then you don't know me enough. Lucky for me, I have myself and a few close individuals for support. My past blog posts were helpful too, so thaaaank you Blogger!!

I think I'll end it here cause seriously, I'm at a loss of words -.-
SEE!!?? Told ya I was in lockdown-mode. I can't even write a post properly :(

*I would probably LMFAO reading this post in the near future, so excuse my lame style of writing for now, please and thank you ;)

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