10 May 2011

Sleeping giants

It was dawn. A dawn for a new sun & a dawn for a new beginning.

A single stone stood precariously on its tip. A soft gust of wind smooth as a baby's touch kissed it, slowly it tilted to one side bowing to the wind, and then it fell.

A far far far way it fell, only to be stopped by a jagged rock that cut through the earth as if it was an old and broken dagger left to rust by its owner but instead of rust, algae covered its blade.

Bounce. Bounce. Echo all across. Silence.

Then, a ripple of movement like steel on rock. A screeching sound so horrible it sent shivers down the spine of trees. Something was moving in the earth. No! It was the earth. The Earth was moving after countless of millenia stuck under, inanimate, unmoving.

Imagine the strain on a human body after a long deep nights' slumber and multiply it by infinity. That was exactly how hard it was for the earth to break the stiffness in whatever joints it is they possess.

The blade of jagged formation now seemed like a toy. The full size - unexplainable. The sound - unheard of. The sight - amazing. And yet it is still growing...

Finally, it stood on it's two legs! A being so colossal it blocked the sun out of daylight. Day turned to night.

One mighty bellow came out! Be it satisfaction or a yawn or a stream of anger, I know not. What I do know is this: the giants have awakened!

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