25 May 2011

Come Tumbling Down

A new page has been opened. Ah, my long wait...ended. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step is what they say. My first step. One down. Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine to go.

Gotta be ready for anything and everything. Mind all set! Body all set! Hey-ho let's go!!

A new start is always hard but mark me, I'll get through. No turning back, no running away. Come, come tumbling down. I'll be there, I'll get there. You just watch.

No time to lose. No time to waste. Time well wasted is time well spent. So waste away I'd say. Random, so damn random. I hate this. Need to get my thoughts straight, set my aim, eyes on the prize.

Well, it's time like this you turn to me, myself and I. Afterall, who else has got your back?

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