03 May 2011

Osama Obama

Why do we have to celebrate one's death?

I for one think that it is a very stupid act. No matter how bad a person is, he or she is still human, he or she still deserve the right to respect - in life and in death.

He's allegedly done a few bad things, but others have done worse. He's allegedly killed, others have too. So what is it that differentiates you, me and him?

I know it all comes down to perspective and all but have I got something to say to the world's perspective : IT SUCKS!

It's inhumane, stupid, and totally disagreeable. Let's see how you like it when people celebrate your death~

1 comment:

  1. Yes, extremely agreed. How stupid people out there who celebrate that Osama's death. Maybe they thought that they are immortal so they feel ridiculous when a man dies. =,=