06 May 2011

Written in the Stars


Okay, so it's a clear enough fact that the script of your whole life has been written in the skies.

Question : What are we supposed to do as the actors? We do not know the script, we've never even read it before. How do we know we're doing it right?

Answer: You don't. Just live in the moment, plan for the best, and leave the rest to the Almighty~

Now, how is it that we are supposed to act without first knowing our part? Frankly, I do not know. However, I think I've done pretty damn good for someone in the not-knowing group for the past seventeen, eighteen years. Smiles for myself =D

Hmmmm.... But then, what to do?? Now, that is the BIG question ain't it. A question with no answer. Yet.
I'll sort this out. Soon. I hope. I reeeally hope so.

For now, let's chill! You only live once, why waste it right?

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