14 May 2011

Fresh is the new lame!

When I say your name, I find peace.
When I touch you, I feel electric.
When you lay naked, I see nothing but you.
When I held you, nothing else matters.
When I try to know you, you disappear.
When I am lost, you never fail to find me.
When I am sound, I never fail to lose you.
Wherever I go, I have you.

I have chosen to be with you.
Your words are truth.
Your face is beautiful in every cover.
Your body is beautiful in every size.
You go great in all colours.
Everyone wants you, and everyone can have you.
Everyone can have you, yet no one can hold you.

When I say your name, you came.
Whatever I do, you stay the same.
Wherever I go, you tamed.
Coz I know fresh is the new lame.

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