12 February 2012

Heavy As Lead, Slow As Lightning!

Who would've thought the two arms we were born with, that we so faithfully brought with us everywhere we go, the one thing we never forget to bring along can be so heavy. I almost dropped it there a second ago - the bottleneck I was clutching that is, not my arm. I wouldn't know what to do if my arm had been detached from my shoulders.

Would it be painful? Maybe. Maybe not. I could try it one day (if I can muster the courage to chop it off, though I doubt I will ever).

Pain, it seems, has been an everpresent being in my life lately. Pain and all its brothers - numbness, hurt, soreness, aching, scars, scratches, an occasional wince now and then, hitting, splitting, bleeding, cracking, splitting, stabbing breaths - are my newfound friends. I call them friends because they say finding companionship in good times is easy, but true friends are those that stay by you in times of hardships and times of laughter and fun.

Since pain and his brothers only comes at times of hurting, I decided they are friends not true friends but friends all the same.

Their presence has led me to thinking of one thing: just how much suffering can the human  body take? It seems just impossible that all these feelings can be contained in one body at any one time. I felt like bursting. I really do...

And, on another unrelated thought, who would've known that lightning fast can be so slow? To share is human, to sacrifice divine. I made that up, by the way :]


  1. rjin gler update blog..ak pnye da trbengkalai da..ntah bile nk update xtau ah..

  2. bkn rajin pun, ade idea tulis. kalau xde tu terbengkalai gak :)