23 February 2012

Beating of Hearts

Our lives are all tied and interconnected. Everyday, we meet people, we interact with people, we bond with them. And this bond. Someone once said to me it was a thin string holding us together. It is so fragile it could snap at any given moment. Had it not been too thin for the naked eye, it would've snapped easily. He may be true. But I failed to see it as he saw it - easily broken and weak. I failed then, I still fail now.

Personally, I think a bond is much much stronger than anything. Stronger than glue, tape and the strongest of chains. And my views are not without proof.

It started out with this:

I was one of the many there that night. We were all there as brothers. Not in blood but brothers still. Standing tall together, going down together. When one spoke, the rest listened intently. Once he finished, we stood by what was said, agreeing on the truth of truths.

My one hand over the other. Everyone was the same. None held on to differences. We were all treated as one. And in that moment, I almost cried. In His house, we were of the same stand. Skin colour, height, size, language was not a limiting factor anymore. The young and the weak stood as tall as the strong. The white and the black mixed without prejudice. Hand over hand. Hand in hand.

Thud... Thud... Thud...

Breathing slowly, even our breathing were one. Our hearts? Even more so. We were engaged in a ritual as old as time itself. We were in a formation so formidable - war general at the tip. His right-hand man just behind followed by the rest of the armada standing shoulder to shoulder in a wall unbroken and straight. But we were not facing a seen enemy, only battling a battle unseen.

Thud... Thud... Thud...
Bonds. I feel it!

Four skirmishes later, we broke formation. The procession of brothers dispersed, no longer bound physically. But as we walked apart, strings thicker than elephants' trunks pulled us in more directions than we dared count. Up, down, left, right, everywhere, bonds renewed and revived joint our hearts until that moment tomorrow when it would pull us together once again, only to start the historical ritual all over again.

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