25 February 2012

A Promise Is A Promise

A promise is a promise. You cannot turn back on it nor can you break it. Just because you don't see me doesn't mean I'm not there. In that sense, you failed to comprehend the true meanings behind my words and actions. Looking at it now, you even failed to notice me as what I am - a human being just like you.

It is true that I laugh at what life has to throw at me. I smile even in the most dire of circumstances. And I don't seem to care enough to notice others and how they feel. You're gravely mistaken. If that is the way you saw me, then consider you've not seen me at all. I'm not like that.

I'll never leave you. Sound familiar? It better be for you would come to fathom the truth sooner or later. (More likely later than sooner.) I'll leave that matter to you. I'm not without a loss here, but to give and to take is the essence of this life. You simply can't have one without the other.

And it is here I add this: though I say it with no emotion, I assure you I have emotions stored somewhere deep within my being. In due time, all will be answered, but it saddens me so that people fail to ask when asking is the core to learning. You yearn for an answer, yet you never bother to ask. Or rather, you never ask the right question.

A promise is a promise. But promises in this life has a border, a limit to it. Certain conditions must be met first.  Failure to abide by the Rules means nothing more than a forfeit agreement. A forfeit life. I do not want that. Not for myself, not for my family, not for my friends, not for anyone...

Imagine living years of struggle to gain nothing out of it... That, my friend, is a life forgone...

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