01 July 2012

Treasured Moments

Sometimes, there comes a point in time where miraculous moments are made. It doesn't have to be grand, or amazing or notable - it just...is. Small talk can be miraculous. Even more so when the exchange seemed to be similar by nature of accident.

Know that whatever was exchanged will be kept safe and sound. But not all beautiful things stay beautiful especially if great care is not taken and caution is neglected.

Being only human, I too forget. So, I ask Him and you to continue reminding this frail person. And I will try to do the same.

For now, the most sensible action would be to refrain and restrain ourselves. Enemies lurk in every shadow and around every corner. Do not let our guard down even for a fraction of a second. The consequences may be fatal.

I now leave this post hanging, not unlike our last encounter...

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