15 April 2012

Casting Shadows In Light

I threw the windows open and with that air rushed in - fresh and strong. I found it hard to believe that all along, I have been looking through lenses that were both dirt caked and opaque. And being the stupid fool I am, I fretted on and on about how I was blinded. Not anymore.

As of today, I have seen the light - the light that has banished the shadows of doubts that entangled my tongue and heart for thus long. My mind has been set free. When all this while, the keys to my prison had been in my possession, only today I feel its presence. The lock has unbolted and the cell door opened.

Thank you friend for freeing me. Though I doubt you would realise yourself as the reason behind my being freed, thank you still. You do not know the gravity of it all, how important this means to me. My pretense ends here. I am once again the new student in class. Today, I learn to read and write anew. Today, I am a kindergartener for the first time of my short live. And you, my teacher :)

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