28 February 2012

Accidental - The Way We Live

Accidents happen all the time. We bump into other people, step on their toes, smack them in the face, try to apologize and poke them in the nose in the effort of doing so. Well, okay, I guess that was a bit too overboard but you get the point, yes?

Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes we like it especially when it's a surprise birthday celebration with cakes and balloons and confetti and friends and all. Sometimes we hate it especially when most of the cake ends up on your face instead of inside your tummy.

Accidents happen all the time. Accidents are always a surprise, surprises are not always accidents. Therefore, surprises carry with it some degree of control although the power is not in your hands  in both cases.

Pleasant or unpleasant, accidents happen all the time. And like I said, we have no control over it. The best we can do? Take it. Eat it (if it's food). Swallow it. Remember  it. Learn from it.

On a more personal level, I myself have had a fair share of accidents and surprises. Frankly, I owe most of what I know to these unexpected turn of events. Because we rarely (if ever) get a chance to prepare, we end up a better person after the incident has passed. Plus, the uncertainty adds an aura of suspense and drama to the otherwise regulated life we live.

Truthfully, the best of people I've met were met accidentally, the best of places to eat was found accidentally, the most precious of possessions I've lost accidentally, the best of ideas comes accidentally, the funniest of jokes were blabbed out accidentally and the best of songs I've heard, I stumbled upon accidentally.

So what is an accident then? If everything and everything is planned by God, then is there something as accidental as accidents? Was my being born an accident of nature? Who knows?

Lastly, a little something for all of us to ponder upon: Is the world just as accidental?

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