01 March 2012

The Cave

Have you ever imagined what living alone felt like? I don't mean being left behind or staying home alone because I guess it's safe to say we all know how that feels. No, I mean really, really alone. Just you. No one else. On the whole planet if possible.

Now that could be interesting!

Post-apocalyptic scenario aside, I have always been intrigued by the secrets of the forests. The wild. In my eyes, the wilds hold such an amazing sense of mystery and mystique that is just so unbelievable. What is hiding in the trees? What manner of fantastic beasts - known and unbeknownst to us - is hiding among the leaves? You know that feeling that somehow, somewhere someone's watching your every move? Sure it can be scary at times especially after nightfall but I just can't help thinking that the forest is somehow alive. Breathing. Watching...

One day, and I think I'd said this many a times, I'd live to understand the wild. I would live it, and I would write of it - all the while educating myself and others with whatever knowledge the wild has to offer from its trove of secrets. All the while breathing in the inspiration the wilds has to give. All the while. All the wild.

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