11 May 2012

Inner Demons

They try to claw their way out. Forever scraping at the walls of your heart, threatening to burst at the seams. In their eyes, a sadistic look of insanity and longing - a longing to rein free, free of my weak control. The keys to this cage? In my sweaty palms. Separating them from freedom? An arms-length of wilted, scarred and charred limb. My limb!

Inner demons. In my wake they are nightmares. In my nightmares they wake.

Inner demons. In my life they are death. In my death they come alive.

Inner demons. In happiness they bring woe. In my sorrow, they are happy.

So how do I escape? I don't! Someone once told me to fight fire with fire. So, a demon too I will become. Let's see who's the worst of 'em all!

But no. I do not wish for this spark to turn into an inferno. Instead, I will cool it off with water. Water. The essence of life. The image of purity. The one thing that could fight off the heat. Do I drink it? I may as well. Do I drown myself in it? I could. Or do I throw it into the pits of hell where my inner demons reside? What use will it be to them...when the only demon I see is me. For keeping the evil locked up in the first place. For defiling this once sacred place with horrors best left unspoken. For turning away from myself, the real inner demon...

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