09 May 2012

A Brighter Future

Many of us are in that particular stage of life at which we look deeper into our minds, and often times think: where are we going?

Well, if you are in that stage, then good for you. If you're not, there can be three possibilities: you are too young (yet to have reach this stage), you are too old (the time has passed) or you just don't give a damn where you stand tomorrow. All three are quite bad. Seriously.

First thing to note: there is never a too early in life. You either make it or not. If you are young, then it is all the better for you to plan ahead because logically speaking, you have plenty to look forward to! Do not ever ever think that you are too young for anything! (Anything good and productive that is...)

If you are too old, then what's there to stop you from being a little bit more optimistic about squeezing that final strand of willpower you still have to do some good before you die? You never know the value of a deed until it has been done. Even then, some deeds' value are never known. Whatever the case, just do it! Our Lord judges us not on how much we did, but on how much of effort was put in to do it in the first place.

And, if you don't care, then luck be with you. There is nothing I can do for you. You are literally digging a grave of your own. Rest in peace..

I know that the prospect of planning for something so volatile, so uncertain is daunting in the least but hey, we are not God. In the end, His plan will prevail. Then why bother to plan you ask? Because if your plan is in line with what He planned, then you have reason to be happy. And if your plan does not coincide with His, you'll have reason to think, ponder, accept, learn. And eventually, be happy.

So start planning today! Start planning for a brighter future. And one last reminder: When you think tomorrow looks bleak, remember this: the earth is never bright on both sides.

Don't you think you're standing on the wrong side of the globe? Or maybe, just maybe, the light has not shone on your side. Yet :)

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