04 May 2012

Vacuum Vakum

Oh, no! Why the sudden change? And all at once too! I cannot stop it, I need not stop it.

They say the human heart is the most illusive organ in our body. I must agree. You cannot see it, but you can't stop looking for it. You don't smell it, but you can't stop following its scent. You cannot hear it, but you listen to it all the time. You cannot even touch it, but you find ways to hold on to it.

People in general have been trying to understand its inner workings and mechanism but I'd have to say none have but all doomed to fail albeit successfully.

Weird creatures we are indeed. Looking for that which cannot be seen, yet refusing to believe in Him who's Will can be seen all around. Arrogant fools we are too!

Yet, we puff our chest and hold our nose up high claiming lies after layer of lies: "I have discovered this and that thanks to my wonderful intelligence and amazing brilliance." I say this: "You have not discovered anything but nothing. You have merely found someone else's unfounded findings. And logically speaking, you did not find that big brain of yours nor the knowledge you so proudly claim to be yours. It was given to you."

So be humble instead. All knowledge came from Him, thus nor you nor me nor anyone has the right to claim rights over knowledge that was not yours nor mine nor anyone's in the first place. So suck it up!

What was easily given to you can be taken, ripped from you just as easily. Maybe easier. You know what they say, "To destroy is easier than to build" So remember. The feelings in your heart are also given as a gift for you. So treasure it well. It may not be there the next time you look.

But so long as it is there, keep a gentle reminder to not abuse and misuse it. The vacuum has been here for some time. Let us fill it with things pure and good, not the other way around. Lest you prefer to be sucked into the void..

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