18 March 2012

Freedom Without The Blablablah

The trend nowadays is going towards having a better world, where everyone can live with equality being a constant companion for all. Human rights activists all over the globe are fighting for equality too. The case with Joseph Kony, for instance, is just one of the many wars for humanity being fought right now.

As to whether these cases are all genuine, I leave to each the freedom of interpretation. I truly trust that all of us has our own views on that particular matter.

Prejudices aside, today, we put ourselves in the shoes of some of these fighters to get a taste of what it means to put forth a bit of you into action. Although our fight was microscopic in comparison to the one fought by our brethren in Palestine, we fought nonetheless.

The results? Satisfying at least. To think that what was originally meant to be a 10-minute freeze suddenly and very abruptly became a huge multi-party event that is part of a global movement is a bit hard to digest. A big hand should and must be given to the organizers. I guess I need not say that the sleepless nights, tiresome and dragging meetings was not a waste.

Thanks also to the spectators, the motorists with their honking, and all friends and families alike for their never wavering support throughout the course of the event, from the very spark of idea to the finish (although the real event is still not done and over with).

What else is there to say? The word has been set and said, now it is up to the rest of the world to choose - to listen and join arms with humanity, or to shut a blind eye. But just so you know, freedom is a right for all to taste not just for the few to keep.

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