10 March 2012


People never really admit that they wish to be kids again. They justify their being adults with series upon series of arguments. Frankly, these people are just in denial. They try to defend their position because the sad truth is they can never return to the childhood they yearn for...

Today was a gift. I, for one, was most grateful for what He has planned for me today because left to my one decision, I would not have chosen the path He had set today. Thank you Lord!

This morning, I was given a special chance to revisit my past. Amazingly, the event took place in the present. It was awesome! Details of it are for my personal keeping, of course :)

However, let me say this: kids these days, they do not know what they're missing. And I now know that eventhough I know what there is to know of childhood, it is not my place or my right to tell them kids what they do not know, you know? For if I did, I would ruin their childhood plus I don't think what I have to say would make sense to them now anyway.

Memories of my own childhood is now a blur. I still see them but vaguely so. Certainly, I'm scared that one day, I would be too far off into the tunnel of life that I won't be able to see the light of my days as a kid. The days that make me into what I am, the times that matter most. Let's pray we all live to remember those days. Because, ultimately, no matter how old you grow, there will always be a kid deep inside you fighting to get out. Sadly, we often bind the kid and oppress him up to the point we lose him forever.

I pray for my other half to be well and healthy. Because on days gloom and grey, I would have need of him. Of that I am sure. Because no matter how old I grow to be, I will always be a vessel, a mask for a boy. One child of the many children trapped behind faces creased and old.

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