21 March 2011

The past, the present, the future

Science & technology has been a major piece of our lives. It has been with us since the ancient Arabs, Egyptians, Greeks & Romans. Since then, what was two totally separate things had merged into one. Today, the boundaries separating science & technology are fading ever thinner and with it they bring together an era of ideas, innovation, creations & endless possibilities that is limited only by how far we dare imagine.

One day, it may be possible for us to witness the most out-of-this-world ideas transform from mere ideas into vivid reality. And that one day might just be today!

Look around you! Presently we have been witness to the birth of robots programmed to help human beings from doing the simplest thing like household chores to aiding men in the heaviest task of building mega-structures that touch the sky. These achievements that most seem to not see is huge in a way that just a mere decade before, such stories of success are unheard of. Indeed, the accomplishment of the field of sci-tech is not to be looked down upon.

From the discoveries of cures to diseases to the role they play in helping to satisfy the worlds' need for food, science & technology has helped us in many ways. Science has greatly increased our knowledge regarding the world we live in while technology has granted us the means to do with this world what we need. Individually they are good but together, they are great!

However, great or not, they are mere tools entrusted into the hands of humankind. And true to their reputation, mankind will always do wrong with the tools handed to them. Time and again, we humans have proven incapable of listening to reason, of learning from past mistakes and of seeing the truth even if it was smack dab in front of our eyes.

Blind though you may be, know of this you must. There exists a group of people that abandon their duties, neglect this power and knowledge we call science & the tool we have come to name as technology...

A minority of people, in their unconfined passion to find the promises of knowledge & discovery has misused and abused the key to this world. In their unyielding spirit to find something new, they have come to destroy what is dear. In their passion to find one that is abstract, they have abandoned that which is concrete.

Dire though the situation may be, not all of us belong to that group. The awareness to save instead of to harm, to protect instead of to attack, to salvage instead of to destroy is on the rise. This battle of the sciences - both good and evil - are taking a heavy toll on our planet but at the very least, a sliver of chance is shining at the end of the tunnel.

As for what the future holds for these two, no man knows. But the signs are clear that they are here to stay in the long run.

In the past, present and future, science and technology has always, is still, and will always play a pivotal role in shaping, charting our destiny. Like all tools, they can help or hinder. All there is to remember is that when a gun is the weapon of death, the wielder pays the price for murder. The gun roams free. No matter who we are, unless you are a gun, a tool is only a tool. It is only as good or bad as the man holding it.

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