04 April 2012


Fact #1: Today was the most unproductive I've been in months. Yep, I admit. I wasted my whole day staring into space, listening to nothing, looking at nothing, doing nothing. I sort of liked it too. That is what made the day so miserable. I could've used the time for a million things, but I didn't and now I couldn't retrieve the lost time.

Fact #2: They say that time well wasted is time well spent. They have many names. The procrastinators. The do-laters. The wait-till-I-feel-like-it-ors. But I know better. I know they're simply lying. A waste is a waste no matter how you look at it. This is the truth, the sad truth.

Fact #3: How you measure 'waste' is very personal and subjective. I may be deceiving myself but I would like to look at today as a lesson. What did I learn? A bit of this and that. What did I gain from all those nothingness? A bit of something. At the very least, I now know better than to repeat the same thing I did.

In conclusion, I'd say it and I'd say it proudly too: TODAY WAS NOT A TOTAL WASTE!

*It's true then, that time well wasted is time well spent. Depends on how you look at it actually :)

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