12 April 2012

Bubble on Water

Did I ever tell you of me? No, maybe not. I was never good at opening up, I know. Well, at least, my traits have gained me much although I also know that it has caused me just as much. Nevertheless, I am me. And me? Just another nobody. I live but a silent life like that of a bubble on water.

Like a bubble, I am one of the many thousand. I look no different. Not to the eyes, not to the touch, not to the smell nor to the taste different. Though I may vary in size but alas, aren't we all changing in size day to day?

Like a floating bubble, I go with the flow of the winds. Where ever it may bring me, I follow. I do have destinations in mind, but when you're not the driver, what does your say carry? Nay a value I tell you! I rest easy knowing that the winds He blew are the best for me.

Like a simple bubble, I stay the same in any environment. Whether alone or in the company of others. Whether here or there. Until I pop out of existence. Hopefully, God-willing.

Like a lonely bubble, I float alone. I would float about for some time. Then, stop when I caught myself on a rock. Sharp as it may be, I didn't burst. Now tied to the earth, I would resolve to watching. Watching the stream as it went down and down and down hitting its face on the many facets of river rock, smoothing it out one little chip at a time. Watching my brothers swim in the river, the stream carrying away their worries. Watching the other clusters of families around me. Simply watching.

Then, as I began to give up hope of ever leaving this rock, a fellow bubble rub against my shoulder. Like foams, we pulled one another close. And with that I was finally uplifted from my perch. Now, safe and sound in my own cluster, I would wander with them until a stronger force pulls us apart. Or until I pop out of existence, whichever comes first.

Maybe then I would be reborn as another form of bubble. Is there another form other than the round, spherical one we all know? Wallahua'lam :)

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