05 October 2011

To Let The Great World Spin

Catchy! That's the first thing that comes to mind. What exactly is this tingling sensation I keep feeling. And why is it so contagious? Too infectious in fact. Can something like this even exist? And the great thing is it's so natural and effortless. Why didn't you show up in my life earlier? Why...

I suddenly realized what a mess I've been the past 9 months. If only I could see the truth.. What stupid things I did with my life none of you need know. But do know this: I make mistakes, I'm proud of it and I don't learn that much from it, but I do improve over time.


Though it weird how sometimes  you don't need understanding to comprehend something. I know I've been touched more than once by the unseen and unknown. It's electric! 

Question the unquestionable they say. But what do you ask of one you know not of? What do you inquire from that which you do not see? Dumbstruck? You're not alone..

The magic of communicating in languages alien to oneself is somehow not so alien if and if only you look at it from this point of view: all language comes from a source: people; all human came from one lineage: Adam; therefore, it's somewhat safe to conclude all language was once one. Then it broke up into a multitude of pieces which broke into smaller fragments which divided into tongues so different which is shaped by hundreds if years of culture.

Just today, a tiny butterfly broke out of its invisible cage (and unless you haven't figured it out, these butterflies are my train of thoughts), and gently it swayed in the light breeze to land in front of me not unlike a thin book. Picking it up, I read across its wings traces of greatness. Greatness that made this great world spin.

Then it disintegrated into dust, joining the millions of other dusts of this huge world. And I was thinking silently but loudly, "What a waste of ideas... Wouldn't it be great if I could design a net capable of catching all these fragmented butterflies and resurrect it all anew?

...Who am I to cage a free being?

I can't see the sun anymore, maybe cause of the rain. It's somehow soothing though, the sight of water pouring from the plain sky on one spectrum and the shadow of an ominous cloud on the other. The best part is, I'm standing in the middle. How I found this thin line separating two distinct worlds? Don't ask. I just did. And it's quite the odd feeling to have one half your body being drenched while the other half still dry.

I guess this is what it feels for the earth to have half its face under the sun's gaze while the other half in its own shadows. I'm also guessing this is why the great world spins. Clever isn't it? Spinning to dry itself off..

Utter genius!!

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