16 October 2011

To Fill Time, Packets & Stomachs

Son, wake up..

Son. Wake up, son..

It's already nine o'clock, and you don't want to be late for today. Get up quick, take your shower and go down. There's nasi lemak downstairs.

Urgh, already? I'm not done lying in bed! But she was right - I don't want to be late for today. I mustn't be late. Kicking aside the comforter, I got up and dragged my legs to the door, pushing it outwards with my forehead and into my sister's room. Oh, still in dreamland? How lucky! Then I went into the showers, stripped off and stood there for one twentieth of an hour staring at the face mirror.

Done with the pointless action, I turned around and turned on the tap, getting the water running up and out of the hose and down and into my face.Ah... Pure bliss... that is, until a wince and an ouch.

Wince! Ouch!

When did I cut my left shoulder? The wound wasn't particularly deep but I hate it when I have a new scar to add to my trophy rack. "Whatever," I thought to myself. Heals wound. Wounds heal. Not worth my time worrying about it.

Then another thought struck me: I can't take my usual long, soothing, hot bath. Another regret to add to the list. Why did I sign up for today? A Sunday no less!! I could have risen at noon, stay home all day playing games or reading or anything for that matter! But I just had to sign up, didn't I? How much time has passed? 20 minutes? Half an hour? An hour? Or two? Reluctantly, I stepped out the shower and pat myself dry. Stepping out, I looked up at the circular wall clock. 9.30 it showed. I'm almost late. I almost smiled.

I then ran down after a quick make-up (it's not what you think) and had breakfast. I was super multitasking by this time - sending and replying to texts from both phones, rallying up my clothes, bag, medicine, keys, eating with one hand drinking with the other and talking at the same time. It was amazing I could all that at once. The human body: a miracle in itself. Next thing I knew I was out the house, in my car and driving on the parkway.

We're on campus now. A minute on time. Three of us, me having picked up the other two somewhere along the way. "Proceed to LT1, okay?" And that's where we went, having becoming instruction savvy and decent teens by now. "Why doesn't it feel as cool as it usually does?" I found myself wondering at the door to the hall. Then, remembering that I usually use the other hall, I shrugged off the question. Opened the door. Chattering of people coming to me now loud and clear. Up the short flight of stairs and I got the answer as to why is was not as cool: the theater was packed full of students and teachers. My, my, this many signed up? This many gave up their weekend? To say I was shocked was an understatement.

O-kay... That's a lot of volunteers...

I was still trying to get my head around the fact. It was too loud in here anyways, I couldn't hear myself talking. Maybe I should not be such a bummer. Just give it  a go. Maybe I'll even like it.

A few waves at friends, a briefing, two videos and a call later, we were standing at the packaging line. Vitamins, soy, vegies and rice. Vitamins! Soy! Vegies! Rice! And I got to thinking "This is quite fun actually"
The rest they say was ourstory.

"And.... That is it, people! We've reached our mark and since you guys are so efficient, we have half an hour to spare!! Give yourselves a pat on the back and get out of here!"

Aw, time already? I was having fun..

Smiling and feeling all bubbly inside, we left the campus grounds thinking of the one and a half hour we have spared to fill love into packets. I grabbed a few (nine to be exact) free cups of drinks, bought fries on the way to the car, and an ice cream to go with it.

Approaching the driver side door with a certificate of appreciation in hand, one thing kept playing in my mind: I don't want to be appreciated. I don't deserve it. I had fun, I was full, I had the means to buy food, I had a car, I had nice clothes...

The least I can do is fill time, packets and the stomach of others. I don't need a cert to do that, I'll do it for hours on end for free anytime because I now learnt how much a minute I spare means to the kids in waiting around the world :)

Happy World Food Day world~!

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