20 July 2011

One Footed Man

The land spread open beneath him. It was the aftermath on a seemingly endless fight. At the end of the massacre lay a sea of bodies - troops divided just a second ago, now hugging each other close for what warmth still remain in the lifeless bodies of friends and foes - with eyes that show no sign of life.

And in the midst of it all, stood one man. The tallest monument that can be seen for miles and miles. He was crippled. And he is the one footed man. He, who walked nevertheless. One step at a time. Pushing. Shoving. Driving. What a scene to behold!

Look at me. Able-bodied and strong, but lack the drive nor do I possess the strength to push an inch forwards in paper. May we swap roles, oh one footed man?

...What good will it do? Nothing I say..

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