14 July 2011

Cleanse And Fall

This post is none other than a response to the pleas of someone dear to me. Know that you're not alone. Never alone :)


Where am I? Oh, just another dream. But it was too vivid. And I'm still sweating from the rush of it all. Shrugging of the sleepiness, I pulled my heavy frame from the bean bag. I really need to stop watching all those crap on TV. They're trash. They get into your mind and dig into your brain. Urggh! 

Making my way to the washroom with nothing to guide me but the familiarity of experience and countless of years living in this room. Effortlessly I waived my way through the mess that was my own doing - clothes strewn all across the wooden board (man, do they need a wash or what...), books turned brown not from reading but plain old lack of human touch, crumpled papers from the previous night overflowing the rubbish bin and the mountain of plugs, wires, chargers and other knacks criss-crossing the floor like a thousand boas lying silently in wait for its next victim.Me.

Thump! Ouch!

You didn't see that did you? No, you couldn't have. How could you in this dark room? Freaking things! Why can't you arrange yourselves neatly?

Luckily, I'm so close to the door that the sliver of white light coming through the gap was enough to tell me quite accurately where I should be heading. Great, the tap. Dripping. Again. I'm broke, and yet I didn't even bother to stop what little money I have from dripping out of my tap. Drip. Drip. Drip. And with each drop, the hole in my pocket is enlarged. 

With a quick wash of my face, the details came, driving out all the sleep out of me and a splash of colour was painted unto my world. Looking up, a man with long, messy, slightly coloured hair stared at me. His eyes were dark brown, beautiful and fierce to look at but at the moment, he wore an expression of pure weariness that took out all grandeur from his handsome face. Heck, he looked pathetic even. And the long dark line underneath his eyes didn't help make him look any better.

I'm sick of looking at this man. Turning away from the reflection, turning away from the truth, I lead myself into the dark confines of my room. But the other man did not turn his back. Instead, he stayed his spot, seeing the door close shut, a thin wooden door resembling all that was and is - a separation of two.

Little did I know, the door I so often keep shut will soon open. And far from realizing did I that this time, I won't be able to close it. Just then, with a loud BANG the door behind me flew outwards! Light flooded the compound and at the base of my feet stood two shadows - one pinned to my legs, the other unusually long and tall, slightly to my right. 

"Hey, bub. Long time no see," and immediately I know the owner of that hoarse voice. It's my voice...

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