30 June 2011

Bed of Dust

Where's my Malay posts? I guess this baby here's turning into full English without me realizing. Whatever.

Hmm... I've been waking up to a bed of dust which frustrates the hell out of me. I wish this torment would just end, but I know better than that. It's going to take a while before this heals and I am determined to see this through to the end.

One day, I'm going to sleep like a baby, undisturbed by continuous distractions all night long, wake up to a clean day, feeling refreshed and well in my body. One day...

For now, I have to say that life is treating me rather fairly despite the bumps and holes. And, oh, I've gotten my first taste of CAL. So far so awesome! The intros that is. I hope the excitement stays until I nail the exams later. Much, much later...

I have also received my first homework from Miss Tee, my maths lecturer and class teacher (or was it something else they called her... I can't remember). So, people, as much as I'd love to stay and write long-winded posts, I have to excuse myself. My books are calling!

I need to get my old pace back if I were to ace Maths, Accounting (without the 's' please), Econs, Thinking (S)kills & Sociology. Yup! These are my companions for the next two years! Say hi, people!

p/s: My handwriting is damn ugly now. How am I going to write? 

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