13 November 2012


The scenery tonight is one of complete and utter marvel. It is not one of those views you have to pay just so you can get a glimpse. One look and that's it. No. In fact, this spectacular 'feast for the eyes' is a free-for-all incidence. Words simply cannot describe the intricate details of such wonders for no choice of vocabulary arranged in any manner will do justice to tonight's simple, yet majestic aura.

However, I will try to explain to the best of my abilities.

Before that, though, let's delve into issues of 'values'. What are 'values'? What makes something, some memories, someone or some places 'valuable'? What do you value most in life? These, and many other unresolved questions will mark most of our lives. And admit it or not, we never really understand our own justifications for appreciating something. Admit it or not, we never truly know why we love certain things, hold one person in a higher position to others, or even choose one item in a menu over the rest of the list of food items.

But know this: The best things in life i.e. the objects of highest value in life usually come free. The time spent with family and friends. A drop of rain after a hot day, a ray of sunshine after the heavy downpour, a breath of oxygen into the lungs - all given to us, with minimal or no effort on our part.

At the same time, know this too: None of the privileges shoved into our lives are free. You shed time from your personal life to get down and sit with those you love. Rain for you means floods for others. The warmth of the sun is an inferno that siphons water and food sources in one part of the world, making the commodity scarce. One breath you take in is one breath of air less for someone who truly needs it. Since you took that oxygen, he got none. As absurd as it seems, this is the sad truth about privileges. There is always, always a cost to it.

Tonight was no different. The wonders of waking up at this hour (the time just before dawn) comes at the expense of certain aspects of my life. For one, I lose sleep. My body is screaming all around me, ordering me to lie down, to rest, to stop straining my eyes, muscles and brain. But, like I said, this night is not like other nights. Somehow , it was different. In a good way, that is. I do not why it's so unusual (didn't I say we never know why we like certain things?) but it was not unwanted.

This calmness is rare especially in an urban industrial setting such as here (wherever 'here' may be). In the dead of night, the usual buzz of engine and honks of, well honks, seem so alien it was as if those dreaded sounds never echoed over the large concrete walls of tall buildings. And the hoards of people that, in daylight, often litter the streets of this metropolitan somehow seem to vanish into thin air.

*this is where I fell asleep. I never, until this day, recalled what I'd intended to say originally* *double sigh*

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